This is my personal blog. To be honest, I created this is an excuse to research topics I am not fully proficient at. 

These articles are an organization of my thoughts related to real estate, financial freedom, the outdoors, health and travel.

I am always open to collaboration. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Loon Media launched in hopes of creating a platform to tell stories. 

I truly enjoy capturing rural areas, portraits, surf and other outdoor content.

If you have interest in working together on content, I would be happy to connect. 

Loon Holdings launched in hopes of helping busy professionals find real estate secured investments.

Loon Holdings is an investment firm which gives passive & Active investors access to vetted land, multifamily, SFR and Deal Financing opportunities.

Our company supports busy investors looking to create passive income without having to endure the headaches associated with finding, vetting, and managing deals.